The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. Early detection and early treatment give your child a better chance at a normal and natural developing dentition. At Say Ahhh!, your child is evaluated for potential orthodontic issues at a young age. Since most of our patients begin their dental check-ups between the ages of one and two, we are not only evaluating their dentition, but also the overall growth and development of their jaws, face and supporting structures. Any problems in development are diagnosed and evaluated for future correction. With early diagnosis and by working with the natural growth of your child’s teeth, we can prevent problems from becoming worse. As your child matures, we will recommend appropriate and timely orthodontic intervention that will ensure the best possible results.

A crooked smile can cause more damage to a youth than just embarrassment and uncomfortable memories. Crowded and compacted teeth can cause pain, mouth/smile development issues and may even lead to oral disease. Those crowded spaces are a favorite place for plaque and tartar build up and can be a constant concern until the issue is resolved with proper orthodontic care.

People often think of braces or other forms of orthodontia as merely a dental cosmetic procedure. Though the health benefits of braces are numerous, the aesthetic value of braces cannot be underestimated—especially for young teenagers.

An attractive smile can make all the difference in the world for a young person’s confidence. The ability to smile without embarrassment or feelings of self-consciousness will give your child a healthy start on developing into a confident, self-assured young adult. Being afraid to smile or speak up during the teenage years of development will set your child back.

Houston pediatric dentist, Dr. Latrice Foster, understands the importance of youth for your loved one’s development and will work with you to develop a sound orthodontic treatment plan that may include braces to give your child the best health and emotional advantages possible. Say Ahhh! Pediatric Dentistry will also work with you to make sure you can pay for the needed treatments. In other words you Houston Pediatric Dentist at Say Ahhh! Dentistry will help you get top quality orthodontic (braces) care for your child affordably.

Braces are not something you or your child should fear. Horror stories of painful braces and bulky headgear are a thing of the past. Advancements in orthodontic care -braces in particular- have made braces more comfortable, less costly and faster working then the previous generation experienced.

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