Great quality service and staff.
This was my first time at Say Ahh Dentistry. Staff was friendly and welcoming. Dentist explained everything they did step by step. The environment of the place is very child friendly.
– Claudia D.

Great job Dr. Foster & Staff
– B J

Excellent care!
Wonderful treating my son with autism. Patient and where able to get everything done and not scare him. He was so happy and excited. He loooves his dentist.
-Melissa E.

Great customer service!
My son had his first dentist appointment and the staff did a great job making him feel comfortable. It was a great first time experience! I highly recommend them!
– Emperatriz C.

I have heard good reviews but after taking both of my children, one being special needs, I am so impressed. Every single person on staff was so kind, understanding, helpful and treated us as if we were their only patient, they also took the time to sit and explain everything im detail until I had absolutely no more questions . We were not rushed out or anything even with my daughter having a tantrum. The dentist is amazing as well and everyone was just really great. Thank you so very much for treating us like this. I wouldn’t dread doc appointments if more places provided this kind of treatment. NOTE TO PARENTS OF SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS, you all know lhow hard it is to find a place you do not feel shamed by when your kids act out. This place I highly recommend. I wasn’t asked to write this, I specifically went online to find out how to do it because they were worth my time. Good luck all.
– Shawna A.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful every employee in this office is. Our dental hygienist was AMAZING! My daughter is extremely skiddish of doctor/dentists, and she was absolutely patient, and just so good with her. The dentist, omgoodness!! So sweet, and thorough. LOVE her!! Thank you so, so much for taking such wonderful care of my kids. I HIGHLY recommend this office. Our family now has a permanent place to get the kids teeth clean.
– Kristina Y.

They are sooooo amazing, all of them! They go above and beyond for my kids and I am truly grateful for their patience because my daughter is a handful!LOL.. However they make me feel very comfortable and I’m glad I chose them as my kids pediatric dentist!!
– Keana D.

We have known and trusted Dr. Foster with our boys for 4 years. We love the staff and especially Dr. Foster. She is very professional and knowledgeable. My boys were nervous at first but now they love coming to the Dentist and that’s how it should be. Thank you Dr. Foster for making our visits pleasant and enjoyable.
– Daphne J.

We have had great experiences at Say Ahhh. They do a good job making my kids feel comfortable and adding something new each time we go to work toward a full cleaning. The dentist was really thorough discussing a development issue with one of my daughter’s teeth and not over reacting or missing that it wasn’t a cavity, but a different problem that doesn’t need treatment.
– Kristin H.

I have 4 children that go here, ages 2 years to 9 years old. Never had a problem and the kids love it here. I would suggest this place to anyone with children. I have been to other children’s dentist and was not happy with how my children were treated. This place caters to children and makes sure they are happy and feel good when they leave. My children are always happy to come here and that makes me happy. When I was young I had bad painful experiences with the dentist, so it means a lot to find one for my children that make the visit a good one instead of a bad visit. A pain-free and fun place for the kids. Also not a long wait time in the waiting room, which is a big plus.
– Brenda P.

The staff and professionalism at Say Ahhh is truly amazing. Dr. Foster and her staff are well trained professionals that take pride in making the children and their families happy. I definitely believe I made the right decision when switching my daughter over to Say Ahhh Pediatrics.
– Marion B.